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Etching options

We can etch photos into crystal using one of three options.

2D A 2d photo is an ordinary photo of anything, people, pets, buildings, cars, motorbikes or any other object.  Looking at a 2D photo the subject is flat looking with no depth just like looking at a photograph in a frame.  For this type of etching we generally remove the background and enhance the photo to make a very attractive unique photo in glass.

3D – 180°  A 180° photo etching is a  single 2D photo that has been digitally altered to appear in three dimensions. Looking at a 180° laser etching the subject is shown with detail of the front and sides giving the photo a three-dimensional look.

3D – 360°  A 360° photo etching is entirely different from any other as it shows all four sides of the subject and all four sides are viewable and very lifelike.  The image looks very similar to a hologram within the crystal. This type of photo etching is accomplished by a series of photographs that have been stitched together digitally by our technicians then laser etched inside the crystal.